A modern effective milking parlour will increase your profits, allow better milk hygiene, improve udder health, and reduce labour costs. Stalls that are 15-20 years old no longer meet modern standards or demands for cow traffic. Improved cow positioning, operator safety and access to the udder are extremely important benefits of modern parlours. The 3 main Parlour types are:


DeLaval Herringbone Parlor

The herringbone milking system is one of the most labour effective batch milking parlours available today. It offers high throughput and efficient labour usage by promoting calm, harmonious cow traffic. Different levels of control are available. You can automate the entire operation or select parts of it for this purpose.

There are many advantages to the Parallel Parlor:
– A complete, fast throughput system for secure and profitable production
– Different levels of automation for selected parts of the milking operation
– A wide range of customizing options


DeLaval Cascade


DeLaval Champion


DeLaval EnDurance


Rotary parlours are labour efficient milking parlors for dairies requiring a high cow throughput per hour. Cows are very calm and the milking routine is the same for every cow, every day. There are 2 main types of Rotary Parlors that Tristar supplies; External Parallel Rotary & the Herringbone Rotary.

DeLaval PR2100

DeLaval 3100

DeLaval Herringbone Rotary

Tristar offers a variety of liner options for your equipment; “Our range of liners for the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system has been developed with over 10 years’ on-farm experience giving you the very best liners to suit your herd and milking preferences.” Feel free to contact one of our sales reps to discuss the many different options.

Tristar also offers the DairyMaster brand of Parlors. The Dairymaster Swiftflo parlor is an entry level parlor with the option to add many automation features at a later time!

Swiftflo Swing   Swiftflo Fast Exit   Swiftflo Double   Swiftflo Revolver Rotary

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