DuVo Installation and Service Info

Tristar has sold and serviced the Odin product line for over 20 years. In 2016 the name changed to DuVo Scraper Systems. We offer an equal or better product, plus all the replacement parts of the past. DuVo uses a Hydraulic Scrapers and, Cross Gutter Scrapers to move manure through a barn.

There are several Models:

  1. The DV7 is a hydraulic driven alley scraper with steel scraping edges that flip upon the scrapers return.
  2. CG20 & CG24 are 20″ & 24″ wide Cross Gutters using 1 hydraulic cylinder to move manure down the Cross Gutter.
  3. K3000 is an extension of your Odin’s Cross Gutter Scraper. The K3000 uses 1 hydraulic cylinder to push the manure out of the barn via check valve.

We have knowledgeable, friendly sales staff available to help you with all of your manure handling needs.

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