Cow Comfort

We realize that the comfort of your animals is a top priority, that is why Tristar aims to provide you with the most proven equipment and solutions to maintain optimal health within your herd.

Let your cows enjoy pasture softness in the barn. The DeLaval cow mattress M40R is designed to encourage your cows to lie down and get up easily, improving your herd health.
DeLaval M40R Cow Mattress  DeLaval Cow Comfort

The most complete line of dairy rolls, matting, and free stall systems in the industry
Dairy Flooring   Dairy Stalls   Parlor Mats

DCC Waterbeds’ unique features maximize cow comfort and help improve herd health, which allows cows to do what they do best: make milk.
Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

Soft lying and walking areas are more than recommendable, not only for animal health reasons, but for economic efficiency, as well. Our soft but robust lying area floors are easy to maintain and encourage cows to lie down.

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