Phason Controllers

Phason has a full complement of environmental and lighting controls for your flock health management.

The New AutoFlex is offered in 2 models:

AutoFlex Connect: Capacity for 14 modules

AutoFlex Mini Connect: Capacity for 6 modules


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Local configuration and monitoring using the 10-inch touchscreen display
  • Remote configuration and monitoring from any web-enabled device
  • Easy expansion with modular design
  • Standard interchangeable modules for control of single and variable speed fans,
    heaters, heat mats, inlets, curtains, and much more
  • Up to 16 zones for control and monitoring
  • Primary and secondary control modifiers such as temperature, humidity,
    wind speed, static pressure, THI, and more
  • Charets and reports so you can know what has happened in your facility
  • Alerts with e-mail and text notification
  • Dependable operation with 2-year warranty

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