Herringbone Rotary


Steady, high performance milking

DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR is a professional solution for milking your dairy cows. It offers milking speed, milker comfort, and easy adaptation to expanding herd sizes. It has high capacity for high profitability, with consistent smooth cow flow on and off the platform, a key factor for high throughput. A unique pivoting sequence gate at each milking place provides for fast cow entry, straight into the right position. With fast cow entry and fixed work stations – the cows move to the milker – it is easier for milkers to maintain consistent milking routines for high quality work and throughput.

Milker comfort
Short walking distances, well designed work areas, lightweight clusters and automation options, all improve milking workload and worker satisfaction. Cows are well positioned close to the milker, with good udder access and a good view to check cow health status.

Minimum staff
One milker can control a whole system with up to 28 milking points, but it is easy to accommodate more milkers for large herds.

Optimized rotation speed
Turning speed is controlled by the rotary controller, in combination with ALPRO™ herd management system. It analyses data and adjusts rotation speed to that of the slowest milking cow currently on the platform, to provide time for milk out.

Optimized cow traffic flow
Cow traffic is calm and always moving forward. The unique sequence gate design for fast-moving cow traffic provides space for wide walkways onto the platform with no obstacles. Entry is so easy that even new cows learn quickly how to do it. It has an optional extra gate for calm cows at the exit.

Automation options
These range from pure cluster take off to full ALPRO™ connection.

Options include:
•Milking point control with DeLaval MPC580, MPC680, or DeLaval MP780
•Milk meters, flow sensors, yield indicator
•Multireader walk-by ID

Simple sorting or fully automated sort gates
Naturally safety, efficiency, low power consumption, noise control and durability are built in.

Prepared for herd expansion
DeLaval HBR has such high potential throughout, it can adapt to larger herds with a moderate increase in time spent on milking. This rotary is sized from 16 to 40 stalls.

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