Parallel Parlors

Parallel Parlour Milking Systems

Tristar offers you DeLaval parallel stalls. They provide quick and accurate cow positioning and since the milker has access to the udder between the cow’s hind legs, these stalls are also very safe to work in. Each cow’s position includes a sequencing gate to help ensure they enter the parlour in an orderly manner and don’t miss their stalls. Our ergonomically designed systems position cows at 90 degrees to the operator pit and provide the shortest distance between milking points. Milking is conducted directly from behind the cow’s hind legs thereby providing safe and easy access to the udder.

Our Parallel Parlours Offer:

– A complete, fast throughput system for secure and profitable production
- Different capacity levels to suit the needs of both family farms and large enterprises
- Different levels of automation for selected parts of the milking operation
- A wide range of customizing options

Numerous high quality features are available:
- Automatic cluster removers
- Upper and curb cabinets for integrated automation
- ALPRO™ herd management system
- Light cabinet and spot lights per milking point
- Adjustable floors in the milker pit
- Sort gates
- Crowd gates for waiting yards and between the cubicles

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