Cascade™ Parallel Parlour
DeLaval Cascade™ parallel parlour is built from corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanised steel for the strength and rigidity you need.

Core Benefits
• 1×3/3 up to 2×50/100
• All Exit/All Index
• Gang Exit/Gang Index optional
• 27” or 28” stall width
• galvanized or stainless steel

An affordable parlour that delivers speed and efficiency. Today’s dairy producers are always looking for ways to maximise operational efficiency and productivity. Cascade™ parallel parlour is built to deliver high performance without a hefty price tag.


Standard features include:
•ALL-EXIT™/All Index™ gauge
•Adjustable powered index system
•4” aluminium duplex air cylinder
•Hot-dipped galvanised steel construction
•Suspended 10-guage stainless steel butt pan with elevated gutter
•Floor mounted sequencing gates with external return springs
•Three-position open bottom neck rail design
•Hinged entrance gate
•Three and four cow gangs

Optional features include:
•Gang Exit/Gang Index
•Curb cabinets
•CIP cabinetry
•Upgrade to sliding entry gate
•Upper cabinet (automation) in stainless steel:
- automatic cluster take off by vacuum
- balance hose supports in upper cabinet
- always comes with stall numbers for every milking point

Technical data
•From 2 x 3
•Stall centres: both 27” and 28” (686 and 711 mm) stall centres are available

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