The EnDurance™ Parallel Parlour

The EnDurance™ parallel parlour is designed for use in large herd dairies that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Core benefits:
• 1×4/4 up to 2×60/120
• All Exit/All Index
• Gang Exit/Gang Index optional
• 27” or 28” stall width
• galvanized or stainless steel

No construction compromises
The EnDurance™ parallel parlour is built for durability using the best possible combination of material and manufacturing processes. Framework for the stall is made from galvanized structural steel. Selected components such as sequencing gates and butt pans with elevated gutters are made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. The EnDurance™ parallel parlour arrives at your location ready to install. Fabricated parlour sections mean a reduction in the number of in-field welds required. The result is a stronger parlour, that’s up and running in no time with a lower overall cost to you.

No compromises in down time
The EnDurance™ parallel parlour requires the absolute minimum scheduled maintenance. Many components have been designed for fast, easy replacement. For example, the duplex air cylinders can be quickly removed and replaced without using tools.

No feature compromises
We crafted the EnDurance™ parallel parlour to be a complete milking solution with top performing features that can enhance your dairy’s profitability. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll support the hoses, clean the cow platform, route the hoses into the basement or light your parlour. The EnDurance™ parallel parlour provides all the solutions.


Standard Features Include:
•Designed for 24/7 milking
•Powered index system – Gang Exit/Gang Index
•Sturdy construction
•Four and five cow gangs in stalls made of either stainless steel or galvanized steel
•Control stations at each gang
•10-gauge stainless steel rump rail with elevated gutter
•Stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel sequencing gates with external return spring
•Easy to install – 50% fewer parts shipped
•Sliding entry gate
•5” (127mm) diameter duplex cylinders

Optional Features Include:
•Light cabinets
•Stainless steel skirting
•All stainless steel construction
•Remote Gang Exit
•Curb cabinet
•Stainless steel EnVision curbing
•Integrated deck flush nozzles
•Milking automation cabinet
•Upper cabinet (automation) in stainless steel:
– automatic cluster take off by vacuum
– balance hose supports in upper cabinet
– always comes with stall numbers for every milking point

Technical Data:
•Size: flexible to suit your needs
•Stall centres: both 27” and 28” (85 and 711 mm) stall centres are available.
•Overall parlour height: 84” (2133mm)
•Minimum cow platform: 8’ 6” (2590mm)
•Optimum cow platform: 15’ (4572mm)

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