Turkey Feeding

PXP Turkey Starter Feeder

The PXP Turkey Starter Feeder allows for maximum feeding space and easy access for your birds all around the pan. There is no need for individual pan settings as a single winch adjusts all feed pans in a section, supplying the right amount of feed to your poults at all times.

•Winch controlled feed adjustment
•Wide 13-inch pan with 8 feeding positions
•Easy snap-on plastic grill made from high-impact polypropylene
•Built-in feed saver lip on sturdy plastic pan
•Fits on either smooth or ribbed tube

PTF Turkey Pan Feeder – Adult

The PTF turkey pan feeder is a multi-adjustable feeder that is easy to handle with excellent results. The ample and deep poly pan offers sufficient space for the growing turkeys, avoids feed waste and can easily be removed, exchanged or cleaned.

Turkey Pan Feeders

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