Herd Management Solutions

ALPRO™ herd management system
This is the efficient tool which simplifies daily operation of your dairy farm, analyses what is happening now and provides essential information for long- term planning. ALPRO delivers information you will use to do the right things, every day.

DeLaval DelPro™ is an integrated dairy management system for the most modern and for the most traditional of dairying systems: for DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS, and for stanchion barns. DelPro’s automated efficiency enables better control of milk production; analysis of feeding effectiveness, and adjustment of feed rations in response to milk yield, with precise feeding from DelPro controlled feed wagons or feed stations; monitoring cow health; and breeding success. It provides decision support for every day – and forward planning.

Herd Navigator™
Herd Navigator™ is an advanced analysis system which identifies every milking cow in need of special attention, and gives you clear information on what to do. Early and specific attention alerts enable fast action: improving production efficiency, profitability, animal welfare and food safety.
Herd Navigator dramatically improves three key factors in your milk production:
•Mastitis detection
•Ketosis detection

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